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30 Summer Snacks for Kids

30 Summer Snacks for Kids

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Nutritional Facts

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30 days - 30 snacks for the child annd... the adult :)

Encouraging healthy habits for kids during the summer months is essential for their well-being and development. One of the most crucial one being good eating habits.

A common sight for every mother during the summer is - Child leaning on the refrigerator asking the mother what's available to eat.

With that in mind, we decided to launch a monthly snack box for the child with healthy and super tasty replacements to sugary candies and biscuits available in the market. 

We are a packed NOT packaged food company with all our products subject to -

ZERO added sugar

ZERO chemicals

ZERO preservatives

ZERO refined flours

MINIMUM processing

This box includes - 

Amaranth cookies 5 pkts

“Large, chewy , sweet, satisfying. This 30 gm cookie is a meal in itself. Made of superfood Amaranth and sweetened with dates you’ll wonder how something that tastes this good can also be healthy. 

Almond chocolate bar 10 pkts

A chocolate replacement for your child made with Almonds, dates, oats, cocoa  powder, whey isolate, peanut, pink salt, zero added sugar chocolate.

Berry oat bar 7 pkts

Berry Oat Bar is a 30g snack made with the good fat from nuts and seeds, zero added sugar berries, complex carbohydrates from oats and sweetened with 100% dates only. These bars are a perfect 4pm snack or a travel snack when the sweet cravings kick in. 

Date chews 5 pkts

Organic date stuffed nut butter wrapped with a stevia chocolate gives your child an instant burst of energy with highly complex carbs, good protein. Tastes like a nutty candy.

Makhana chips 3 pkts

Ditch the usual nachos and crackers! Dive into our innovative Makhana Chips. Made with fox nut flour, gram flour, spices and baked to perfection, these chips are the perfect alternative to your child's 5pm savory snack cravings.

Making zero sugar a way of life for your child one snack at a time!





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