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Almond Chocolate Bar

Almond Chocolate Bar

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Nutritional Facts

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Welcome to the Kilobeaters 99 Store where health meets affordability! 🛒 Explore a variety of our finest products at just Rs 99 or less.

Almond Chocolate Bar is a 30g snack made with the good fat from nuts and seeds, zero added sugar chocolate and sweetened with 100% dates only. These bars are a perfect 4pm snack or a travel snack when the sweet cravings kick in. 

Warning - This bar is addictive in nature with all the unhealthy ingredients swapped for clean ones!

Ingredients - Almonds, dates, oats, cocoa  powder, whey isolate, peanut, pink salt, zero added sugar chocolate

Nutritional info

g/100g g/30g % RDA
Energy Kcal 352 105.60 6.1
Protein 19 5.70 NA
Fat 12 3.60 14
Carbohydrate 42 12.60 NA
Net carbohydrate 17 5.10 NA
Total natural sugar 15.1 4.53 NA
Added sugar 0 0.00 NA
Dietary fiber 6.4 1.92 NA
Transfat 0.001 0.00 <0.0
Sodium mg/ 100g 19.03 5.71 0.3
Cholesterol mg/ 100g <0.5 0.00 <0.0

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