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Almond chocolate bars - Ditch the candy bars

Almond chocolate bars - Ditch the candy bars

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Nutritional Facts

Best For:

  • Perfect for your fitness and weight loss goals! Pssttt... these are Keto friendly too!
    Late night chocolate cravings? Stock up to make the right choice. Bars made with a 100% Almond flour base and a zero sugar, keto friendly chocolate!
  • These bars are your low carb – real energy bars made with 100% Keto friendly ingredients.
  • This dark raw cacao bar is made with 100% almond flour and raw cacao chocolate sweetened with stevia and erythritol.
  • The slight greying in the chocolate is due to the purity of the chocolate.
  • Don't you worry! No hidden sugar in the chocolate or the base!
  • Craving nutty chocolate – here’s your squeaky clean Low carb - Keto friendly fix!
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