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Quicky - An instant high protein meal (Vegan)

Quicky - An instant high protein meal (Vegan)

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Nutritional Facts

Best For: For Breakfast

Quicky Vs Others

The obvious - No preservatives, no binding agents
Amaranth and almond flour - Others made with rice
You know all the ingredients - others are loaded with number ingredients
18g protein/ serve - Others 3g per serve
High fiber - others are high carb
Low GI ingredients - others are made with rice and rava


How to Consume

75g mix in a bowl , 1/2 a cup boiling hot water, mix well and cover for 30 seconds. Open and eat hot. High protein comfort meal instantly!


Key features


High protein - 18.8g / serve (more protein than than 3 eggs)

Instant high protein meal
0 Sugar
No transfat
No palm oil
South indian flavors
Healthy comfort meal
Never have to 'cook' your comfort food ever
Perfect travel meal
Diabetes meal

Meal on the go

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