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Zero sugar - Date sweetened Healthy Mithai Box

Zero sugar - Date sweetened Healthy Mithai Box

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We, thank you, for choosing a healthy way to indulge. While making mithais is an art, for Kilobeaters, it is about bringing health and taste in one platter, literally!. A little everything about this box of sweets - these delicacies are made with 100% nuts and seeds , pure desi ghee and dates .

 Sweetened with 100% Dates, Zero added sugar, zero added preservatives!

Kaju kesar fudge - Cashew, whey, stevia, ghee, saffron
Chocolate fudge - Hazelnut, Dates, Zero sugar chocolate, Almond, Peanut butter, Pink salt
Pistachio Hazelnut roll - Pistachio, hazelnut, peanut butter, zero sugar chocolate, dates
Cashew oats ladoo - Cashew, roasted oats, dates, cardamom

Every little Mithai is hand rolled and made fresh. We don’t believe in the use of sugar, preservatives, flours, artificial color or binding agents. We are more excited for your health than you are.


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