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Berry Oat Bar

Berry Oat Bar

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Nutritional Facts

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Welcome to the Kilobeaters 99 Store where health meets affordability! ๐Ÿ›’ Explore a variety of our finest products at just Rs 99 or less.

Berry Oat Bar is a 30g snack made with the good fat from nuts and seeds, zero added sugar berries, complex carbohydrates from oats and sweetened with 100% dates only. These bars are a perfect 4pm snack or a travel snack when the sweet cravings kick in.ย 

Warning - This bar is addictive in nature with all the unhealthy ingredients swapped for clean ones!

Ingredients - Dates, Oats, Peanut, Zero added sugar berries, Whey isolate, Pure Vanilla, Pink salt

Nutritional info

Nutritional Info g/100g g/30g % RDA
Energy Kcal 325 97.50 6.1
Protein 19 5.70 NA
Fat 9 2.70 14
Carbohydrate 42 12.60 NA
Net carbohydrate 17 5.10 NA
Total natural sugar 15.1 4.53 NA
Added sugar 0 0.00 NA
Dietary fiber 6.4 1.92 NA
Transfat 0.001 0.00 <0.0
Sodium mg/ 100g 19.03 5.71 0.3
Cholesterol mg/ 100g <0.5 0.00 <0.0
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